Kathryn Daniels is an Independent Speech and Language Therapist who specialises in Adult Neurology, especially Acquired Brain Injury and Stroke

She appreciates that everyone she treats has unique strengths and challenges. She offers them an individualised approach in their own location where she will:

  • Identify their communication difficulties in the context of their strengths, their personality and motivations, their situation and their support networks;
  • Provide treatment to improve impaired skills;
  • Provide interventions to help them adopt strategies to compensate for lost or impaired skills;
  • Work with the significant people in their life to help optimise their communication skills;
  • Help the person adjust to the changes the communication difficulties have made to them and their lives; and
  • Offer the opportunity to participate in mentoring sessions with someone who has had a similar experience.

You can contact Kathryn via her email: kdaniels@kdaniels-slt.co.uk or via her mobile: +44 7957573912


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